About Me and this Blog

My name is Plamen Petrov and I’m an IT professional from Sofia, Bulgaria. Since 2003, I’ve been finding myself in a wide variety of IT roles, companies and challenging situations. During these colorful years I have been part of all kinds of processes and projects, and I’ve seen great success, wild change and most importantly – miserable failure. I did learn a lot, but still not enough, so I am learning to this day.

This blog is dedicated on what makes teams, processes, projects and IT industry in general tick and deliver great results. Here I’m sharing my views, experience, observations, experiments and ideas at work. Even better – I can discuss it all with you! Throughout my career, I’ve always been supported and advised by great people and I really hope I could return the favor to the community (or at least try and do my best to) with the humble content in this blog. I’ve always loved reading and here I’m also sharing my favorite relevant reads. This is something for those who appreciate that there are always different perspectives to a solution and there is always something to learn.

Here’s my experience so far in summary (the full version you may find in my LinkedIn profile):

I started as a part-time web developer (PHP) when I was still at high school with a friend of mine – we were a 2 people “company”. Then later, during university, I went to formally start my career as a C#/ASP.NET/C++ developer in a small (30 employees) IT company developing CRM and ERP modules and B2B solutions. Then, 5 years later, I had the opportunity to become a leading IT Solution Architect specializing in SOA and integrations at the biggest Bulgarian telecom company (6000+ employees and an IT of 300+). Coaching and Mentoring became a thing I enjoy very much and I’ve been helping colleagues develop and fill their roles since. At some point while still at the telecom, I switched gears to more process/people-oriented roles – IT Project Manager, Scrum Master and I got very deeply interested in this matter. Eventually, I stumbled upon an opportunity that has been a dream of mine from the very beginning and fit perfectly as the next logical step – currently I’am a Technical Team Manager of two Scrum teams at a FTSE 30 company (17000+ employees).

Education-wise I was pretty busy during all this time. I managed to obtain MSc in Computer Systems and Technologies, and later another one in IT Project Management. I’ve also attained PMP®, PMI-ACP® and ITIL® Foundation certifications. I’m a Certified SOA Architect and Trainer.

This is me, my story in IT and my motivation to do this. I really hope you find my posts useful and thought-provoking! I’m open to your feedback and suggestions. Please feel free to follow and ping me through the links on the right.